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L'épervier et le papillon (2015)

18,1x21,7 in ~ Peinture, Huile


The sparrow hawk is stick, looking at the butterfly in a mist of light. This butterfly is a Melanargia galathea (marble white in english) called demi-deuil in french, which means half-mourning or "echiquier" which means chessboard. Of course, my work has been inspired by nature where I like to go watching birds and insects. But also, this work was more philosophical goal, using the symbolism of these animals. The sparrow hawk a symbol of rapacity,greediness as most of the birds of prey. As it attacks the most weakest, it can be a symbol of merciless cruelty. butterfly is symbol of immortality and at the same time it figures human soul. This painting raises the more and more recurring question of the sense of our society.

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