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Atlantique Ocean (2019)

9,5x12,6 in ~ Peinture, Aquarelle


Watercolor sketch painted in april 2019 on the atlantic french coast near Guerande, Nantes.
This artwork was realised on the LA Turballe beach, during a wonderful spring afternoon. The watercolor is not framed but I manage to let the marges white therefore you won't have any part of the watercolor hidden by the frame you would choose to fit to your home or to your friend's home. I tried to catch the atmospher of the place, sea birds in the waves, sun brighting, peaceful feeling of the place. This kind of artworks I make are a personal challenges, apart from my main strand of working, to share with you my feelings in such lovely places.


The price included the ARTMAJEUR fees, the bank fees and the artist artwork + skills.

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